Welcome to the new Dirt Maidens website. The actual event is still on hold for now, whilst I have been working on a new project (a family), so this website is here as a resource for you to get more out of your adventurous mountain bike lifestyle, or whatever your riding style may be. It’s also a way to keep myself motivated whilst on maternity leave and getting back on the bike…feeling like a beginner again is a great way to get things into perspective.

The world of cycling and mountain biking, and adventure in general, can be daunting for those who are new to it. There was little information on the internet and the women’s mountain bike community was small when I began mountain biking. I learnt more from crashing than anything else, and finally, I emerged from the Homer Simpson ‘doh’ era with a few lessons and a much greater understanding of how to ride for maximum fun, without donating skin to the rock garden gods.

It has been great sharing some of these stories with women that have taken up the sport more recently, mostly because it makes for a good laugh, but hopefully it has also cautioned them to avoid the same path to skill acquisition that I took.

Feel free to pick and choose whatever information suits you; it is always difficult to cater to all levels of cycling and adventure enthusiasts, but I hope to keep it varied and also add more information if there is a demand for it. Some will be more relevant to beginners while other information will be more geared towards the endurance adventure types that often grace the podiums at races.

You will also find themes of environmental responsibility, community and health embedded in the recommendations and information on here. Food is also a common theme, as it seems to dictate much of my planning, so if you’re out on your bike as much as I would like to be, then I’m sure this will appeal to you too.

Overall it is about sharing information that will maximise fun, improve health and build community while also minimising impact on the environment and also on your hip pocket.